Expert accounting for trades businesses

Expert accounting for trades businesses

Expert accounting services for trades businesses that cater to your unique needs can be game-changing.

When we were approached by a painting company that has experienced significant growth, we were able to use our expertise in businesses like theirs to quickly understand their needs and deliver a tailored service which ensured their success.

When working with a new accounting firm, it’s important to work with someone who knows how your business functions and operates.

Our team’s inside knowledge into trades and their accounting requirements leads to substantial benefits to businesses and less time spent by the client trying to explain their operations and needs. We’ve become known in the industry for providing smart insights, simplified.


The need for tailored accounting for trades businesses

That’s Us Painting, formally known as MVR Painting, has been in operation for the past three years and has steadily grown as a business during that time. Recognising the need for professional advice, they began their partnership with our team in mid-2021.

With a team of five staff members, the company was in search of financial guidance and support to tackle cash flow challenges and improve their overall business operations. They were at the start of a growth phase and needed support to help them control this significant time in their business.

The Director, Marc Regado was introduced to us through a close contact, who highly recommended our services. Before enlisting our help, the business was seeking guidance and financial direction.

“The team at Valorium takes care of all the background work, enabling businesses like ours to continue operations seamlessly during a transition,” Marc said.

“With Valorium’s help, I was able to put the right procedures in place to gain a steady cash flow and consistent numbers.”


Why trade businesses trust us with their accounting

That’s Us Painting, was looking for an accounting partner who was familiar with the trades industry. Trade businesses often want a hands-on approach to their accounting needs and open communication.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuous education and knowledge sharing with our clients. We provide a range of services including: superannuation guidance, GST compliance, business valuations and accounting software training all aimed at improving your trades business’ financial security.  

One of the things they appreciated the most was our regular catchups to help realign their goals as a business.

Regular business review meetings with our team member, Marika, have become a cornerstone of our partnership with That’s Us Painting.

“Valorium act as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and they keep me accountable,” Marc said.     

By offering services such as a Virtual CFO, we can provide invaluable guidance on many aspects of the internal business structure. Marc said he appreciates the accountability and strategic support that we bring to the table.

“What sets them apart is their enthusiasm and willingness to support the business in every conceivable way.”


Why That’s Us Painting recommends our team to other trade business owners

Our team make operating a successful business easy by taking care of the finances and giving you more time to spend on what you do best in your trades business.

We’ve helped numerous trades business in the Hunter Region transition and grow effectively through a quality accounting service offering.  

If you’re a trade business looking for tailored accounting solutions, get in touch!

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