Have you considered a specialist health and wellness accountant for your business?

Have you considered a specialist health and wellness accountant for your business?

So, you are a total expert at balayage, waxing or massage services, but bookkeeping and financial matters aren’t exactly your forte. Why not hire a specialist health and beauty accountant for your business?

We understand the importance of promoting your business, building your reputation through social networks, using the highest quality products, and offering competitive prices for your treatments to separate your business from your opponents.

However, bookkeeping and financial responsibilities can take valuable time away from the important job of running your business. That’s why hiring a specialist health and beauty accountant can make your job easier.

Our team are experts in the health and beauty industry and can take care of all your accounting needs. This will allow you to focus on your valued clients. Our knowledge and advice can save you time and help you run a successful business.

Maintaining your bookkeeping records

Within the health and beauty industry, businesses face specific needs to ensure their employees and customers are satisfied. Operating hours can be irregular and long, staff employment contracts can vary, and a high staff turnover can be challenging to manage due to the highly competitive industry.

An accountant that specialises in beauty and health business can assist you with bookkeeping and accounting software. They will ensure your financial and employee records are up to date and your profitability is growing. Payroll, superannuation, GST, and taxation can all be managed by us to ensure your business is in the best financial position possible.

Health and beauty tax deductions

Tax returns are something the majority of business owners dread as there are many complicated factors to consider. When it comes to beauty services  performance benchmarks can differ between businesses.

Hairdressers and beauty professionals have different income and deduction policies. Because of this, many business owners miss out on deductions each year.

Our team has a thorough knowledge of ATO requirements, the ins and outs of the different incomes and allowances to report, and reimbursements to ensure you receive the highest return possible.


Maintaining a steady cash flow

Keeping on top of your business cash flow is our bread and butter. Most health and beauty businesses will have a fluctuation of cash coming in and out of the business. This is especially true during peak seasons through the year, so it is essential to maintain a steady cash flow.

As a health and beauty accountant, we can measure and assist your business performance by overseeing your cash flow and helping you set monetary goals that will help grow your business.

At Valorium Advisors, we understand that at the end of a long day in the clinic or the salon, accounting is the last thing you want to be doing. Our team believe in delivering financial security and providing beneficial and effective solutions tailored to your business.

Book an appointment and let us give your health and beauty business a money-makeover.

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