Ideas for making your health or beauty business a success

Ideas for making your health or beauty business a success

As specialised health and beauty accountants, we know that your clients are the most valuable assets you have, and your focus is on their health and wellbeing. But it takes more than great customer service to make your health or beauty business a success.

The health and beauty industry is highly competitive, often with similar businesses established in close proximity. So, we want to make sure your business thrives and stands out among the crowd.

Choose the right team

Choosing the right team can be crucial to the success of a business. Great employees are even more important in the health and beauty industry where physical contact is key.

It’s important to find staff members who are aligned with your business culture and prepared to grow with your business as well. Before you hire anyone, ask them questions to understand their work ethic and values.

An amazing team of well trained and friendly employees will keep clients coming back.

Encourage team members to update their skills and training regularly so that they can offer clients the latest new treatments. If they’re new to the industry, encourage them to study through a TAFE course to build their skill set and qualifications.

Making your staff feel valued and appreciated is as important as taking care of your clients. 

If you’re a home-based business, ensure you’re complying with government regulations

The health and beauty industry has a high number of at-home businesses across the country. Based on size, health and beauty businesses can be easy to operate from a room in your house or a converted garage.

Because of this, it’s important you’re complying to government regulations regarding working from home.

Be sure to read the list outlined by the Small Business Commissioner to ensure your business is eligible to operate from your home.

Choose the right location

If your business has outgrown its former space and you’re looking for larger premises, think about choosing somewhere where there is plenty of passing foot traffic. This could include a shopping centre or a busy pedestrian strip.

You’ll also need to consider accessibility and parking to make sure your customers’ experience is easy and enjoyable both before and after their treatment.

Also consider whether you are far enough away from competitors that offer the same services as you.

Know your niche and market to it

Identifying a specialty or service niche does not necessarily mean offering only one type of treatment. There are many ways of carving out a niche. Think about what makes you different and sets you apart from your competitors.

Once you’ve identified your unique selling proposition, make it a focal point of your marketing, and grow your business from there. Promoting a niche or specialty service not only helps you attract a loyal client base, it lends credibility to your business as the experts in your field.

Communicate this to your customers via social media and other marketing channels to get your name out there and build brand awareness.

Outsource your accounting to a trusted health and beauty accountant

It is understandable that at the end of a long day in the salon or clinic, the last thing you want to think about is accounting. Our team of experienced specialists can take care of your accounting needs and leave you free to focus on your valued clients.

Valorium Advisors offer a range of important and effective accounting solutions for the health and beauty sector that will help you grow a profitable and sustainable business.

We have experience working with local:

If you’ve let the financial side of your health or beauty business go, we are here to give you a money makeover.

To find out more about how we will tailor our services to your business, get in touch today.

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