Small business owner case study: Belmont Dance Centre

Small business owner case study: Belmont Dance Centre

As a small business ourselves, our team is dedicated to helping small business owners achieve financial success. No matter the industry you work in, we’re here to offer our advice and help determine your financial and business goals.

Belmont Dance Centre is a client we’ve been working with since 2018. Trudy, the owner, was looking for advice after she purchased the business and chose our team to guide her through the transition.

Read on to learn how we helped Trudy  grow her confidence in her business.

Finding our business

Trudy Skippen is the owner and director of Belmont Dance Centre. After purchasing the business in 2018, Trudy knew she wanted a small business accountant who would help her understand the highs and lows of being a small business owner.

Trudy found our business through word of mouth and says she doesn’t know what she would’ve done if she hadn’t found Marika and our team.

“I can honestly say, for these past four years Marika has been tremendously supportive throughout it all,” said Trudy.

Helping small business owners

Purchasing a business and taking over both the financial and administration aspects can be tough. Trudy came to us looking for a full suite of advice on how to manage the existing business’ finances.

Being a small business accountant means more to us than simply offering accounting advice. We want to show our clients how they can make the most out of their finances and how this can help them achieve their business’ goals.

We wanted Trudy to feel confident in how to manage her finances while she focused on running her business. 

“Marika has not only shown me the ropes but has also given me the courage to create a successful business. And as we all know, that starts with the books!” said Trudy.

“She has been able to explain things to me while making it enjoyable and proving to me that I am capable.”


Why Trudy continues to work with us

After finding our team in 2018, Trudy has remained loyal to Valorium Advisors and says she couldn’t imagine having a different team by her side.

“To invite an accountant into your business can sometimes be daunting but Marika and her team have been so invested in taking my company above and beyond,” said Trudy.

Creating a professional and friendly relationship with our clients is one of our priorities. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable in our regular meetings and be able to ask for assistance whenever they need it.

“Aside from her impeccable abilities, Marika always manages to lighten up our meetings with her genuine and friendly approach,” said Trudy.

When asked if Trudy would recommend our team to other small business owners she said, “For anyone who is starting up a business I can’t truly express how valuable Valorium Advisors will be to your team.”

“They are not only taking my company to the next level but have become a part of my Belmont Dance Centre family and a relationship that I will cherish and continue for many years to come!”

Are you a small business owner? Let us help!

We love working with small business owners like Trudy. When looking for an accountant, you want someone who is going to be dedicated to helping your business and seeing you succeed.

Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you
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