The Xero tips and tricks you didn’t know you needed

There are so many Xero tips and tricks that you can be using to up your accounting game

But first, what is Xero? Xero is an online accounting software which is a great tool for small-medium sized businesses. It can help you to keep your bookkeeping records tidy and things running smoothly.

At Valorium Advisors, we are Xero Gold Partners, so you can understand why we’re big fans of the software. But, what does this mean you ask?

Our Gold Partner status benefits our clients and shows our dedication to providing our clients with our extensive accounting expertise. This status ensures we have access to specialised support, access to Xero HQ to manage portfolios efficiently, a dedicated Xero account manager, and so much more.

So, if you’re looking for dedicated and expert accountants who are well-versed in Xero, chat to us today.


Why Xero is great for small businesses

There are so many options out there for small businesses looking to adopt accounting software. We have chosen Xero as our preferred software.

When it comes to Xero, small businesses can benefit from data being stored online, meaning you can access your accounts on the go.

Xero also gives you the ability to automate bank feeds and connect other business applications to increase efficiency and cut down on administration time.

Even better, you can give other people access to your account, including your accountant or bookkeeper, making collaboration and communication that little bit easier.


Different tips and tricks for Xero

If you’re new to the software, it is a good idea to have a few handy Xero tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Knowing your way around Xero can help to make the most of your time and cut back on heavy administration time that accounting is traditionally known for.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you love a good spreadsheet and all the shortcuts you can imagine, then this trick is for you.

If you’re looking to go to the invoices section of Xero quickly, simply enter the forward slash (/) to open the search field and type b for bills and Xero will give you a link to go directly there.

This also works for contacts, invoices and more. Give it a go and see which of your most used sections of Xero you can easily move to.


Keeping notes on all transactions is important. One of our favourite tips is to use the section Xero provides on each invoice, bill or contact to keep a record of what actions have been taken and when.

You’ll thank yourself when it comes time to review your accounts in the future.

Xero’s inbuilt calculator

Sometimes you can get stuck on such a simple equation which can be truly frustrating. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Xero knows this all too well, and has an inbuilt calculator feature ready to keep you in the productive mindset. It is a small feature that benefits your productivity greatly and is one of our favourites.

To use this feature, you simply use your keys to access each function type. For example, + is used for addition, or * can be used for multiplication. So easy!

Calendar date shortcuts

We love being able to use the date shortcut features in Xero. There are so many options for adding in dates in the future or past that save us from referring to the calendar every time we create an entry.

The ‘day in the last or past month’ feature is one we often use when we know the record we are referring to was last Friday, but we just don’t know the date off the top of our heads! For this feature, all you need to do is type last Fri, and the date for the previous Friday will be entered.

You can find a full list of calendar date keyboard shortcuts on Xero’s website.


Keeping up with Xero tips and tricks

If you’re looking to keep up to date with the newest Xero tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on socials. We will keep you updated with our favourite shortcuts and hacks to make using Xero even better!

Ready to learn more Xero tips & tricks?

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