Trade business owner case study: Newcastle Cut N Drill

Trade business owner case study: Newcastle Cut N Drill

Are you a trade business owner looking for a specialised accountant to help your business succeed?

Look no further than Valorium Advisors!

We specialise in accounting for trade businesses owners who want to spend more time on their business processes and customers, rather than managing their finances.

One business owner who was looking for a specialised trade accountant is Karen Robinson from Newcastle Cut N Drill.

Being a trade business owner

Karen takes care of the bookkeeping for Newcastle Cut N Drill, a building and construction company located in Lambton, NSW. The business has been operating since 1997 and currently has six full time and four casual staff members.

Before working with our team, Karen said she wasn’t receiving the results she wanted from her former accountant.

“They were very unreliable, never contactable, didn’t keep us up to date with anything we needed to know and never returned phone calls,” said Karen.

She wanted to find a new accountant who specialised in trade businesses and provided ongoing communication.

“We were looking for someone that would keep us informed, be easy to contact whenever we had a question, and would help us with our business when we needed them.”

That’s where we came in!

Why Karen chose Valorium Advisors

We started working with Karen in 2018 to help streamline her business bookkeeping and give her more time back in her day.

Karen said she knew we were the accountants she was looking for as soon as she spoke to us.

“Since starting with Marika and her team, we couldn’t be happier. They help us with all our accounting needs from tax planning to business planning. They’re always a phone call away and happy to help.”

“I don’t know where we would be without Marika. Her team is fabulous. They are always ready to assist with any problems or questions we might have. It’s the best move we ever made,” said Karen.

Why Karen recommends our team to other trade business owners

Being a trade business owner isn’t easy. It involves long hours, hard work and requires excellent time management skills.

We know it can be extremely difficult to juggle all these things while still allowing yourself some time to rest and relax.

That’s why we specialise in trade accounting. We’re passionate about helping as many trade businesses as possible to succeed and putting time back into their busy schedules.

“I think that Marika and the girls all have a passion for what they do, and they always want to do their best for you. They are very professional and are always looking after your needs,” said Karen.

If you’re a trade business owner looking for specialised accounting assistance, speak to our team today.

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